John Kinsman Tributes

JohnKinsmanFarmAidKansasCityThose who attended the John Kinsman Beginning Farmer Food Sovereignty Prize Award Ceremony last March were able to experience an amazing array of tributes to John from around the world that Ruth Simpson had assembled.  Since then many people have requested to see these remembrances, so we are posting them on our website for all to enjoy.  John’s vision and legacy will inspire many for years to come!

Miriam Brown remembrance

Farm Aid Remembrance

Stephen Bartlett remembrance

John Peck Remembrance

PR Watch Kinsman Interview

Ruth Simpson remembrance

John Nichols remembrance

Andrew Bartlett Remembrance

Grassroots International Remembrance

Jim Goodman remembrance

MST remembrance

Siena Chrisman remembrance

Mark Kastel remembrance

Steve Holt remembrance

US Food Sovereignty Remembrance

Remember John — several people — 1-1

Remembering John — several people — 2

Remembering John — several people — 3

Remembering John — several people — 4

Remembering John — several people — 5


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